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“Two Germans”: Le Fay Singer vs. Marleaux Consat Custom

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Here we have the Le Fay Singer and the Marleaux Consat Custom , a pair of spectacular German-made basses. The Singer is a set neck design with a Maple top over a Mahogany body, 5 piece Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard. The proprietary pickups and preamp are but 2 of the many factors that make this bass such a standout

The Marleaux Consat Custom we see here is the bolt-on model, with Maple being the predominant wood ( top, back, and neck ). The finger board is Ebony. This bass utilizes Delano humbucking pickups and Marleaux’s own 3 band preamp. Some all Maple basses can be harsh, but this Consat pulls off being warm and sweet while having a responsive and quick attack.

Both basses play effortlessly and both are extremely articulate, with every note of every double stop and chord ringing clearly.

How do I differentiate them? Not an easy task, based on playability and performance. Style ? This is your call.