STR Sierra LS-5 Bass Guitar Aguilar preamp

Price: $1,900 ( N )

If you are a true bass fan, you have probably heard of STR basses. It is not so likely that have you played one.
I have heard STR referred to in the bass community as the ” Japanese Fodera “.
While I understand the positive vibe attached to that comparison, this is not fair to either Fodera or STR.
Fodera makes wonderful basses, as does STR.

As with all basses , I suggest you assess the quality vs. price equation for each bass you play.Be objective.

STR does indeed make some very fine basses that use beautiful wood, the more hi end type of basses we love.
The Sierra was designed to be a much more affordable alternative to their Custom Shop instruments. There is NO sacrifice in electronics and hardware.
The cost reduction has come in the “cosmetics” department – a simple matte paint job , your choice black or white.
No exotic woods. Just good sounding woods.

  • Ash body
  • Maple neck , 34″ scale , 24 frets
  • Rosewood finger board
  • Bridge – STR Deviser DBB518 , Brass
  • Pickups Deviser DC58, humbuckers with series / parallel switch
  • Preamp – Aguilar OBP-3 with vol, tone control, blend, 3 band EQ with mid selects, active/passive option,
  • Urethane Semi-gloss paint
  • Bone nut
  • Specs – 9.2lbs, 46mm nut, 18mm string spacing
  • STR gig bag

Made in Japan , top shelf electronics and hardware , a full function and elegant bass for under $2K ?

What is the catch ?