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Dan Lenard from Luthiers Access Group and Gerald Marleaux with the Blue Diva

Gerald Marleaux and yours truly with the Blue Diva. It is also available for sale on our site.

Dan Lenard from Luthiers Access Group and Paul Lairat with his Maloeva and Sirya basses

Dan Lenard and Paul Lairat and I with 2 of his basses Paul Lairat Maloeva 5 and Paul Lairat Sirya 5, both available from our store. Check it out.

FretWraps by GruvGear – overtones and sympathetic resonances are GONE

Within the last few months I came across this product, got some in stock, and now I generally do not play without it – the FretWrap  eliminates extraneous open string pitches  – overtones and sympathetic resonances are GONE. I love the FretWrap, so much so that I am including one with every bass that leaves…

Glockenklang Blue Soul

Lightweight class D heads have been around for a long time – much thanks to Walter Woods. WW was THE only game in town for quite a while, and he is till at it, making great amps for the bass community. Today there are many many choices in the Class D arena. Glockenklang has been around for…