Are you looking to get a new bass here? Need to sell or trade in one of your expendable basses to finance your new bass? Sometimes a trade can work well, other times you might want to put your bass on consignment here at Luthiers Access Group. Call Dan Lenard at 708-372-0573 or send him an email. Let’s talk and see what your options could be and how we can accomplish that.

The Trial Period

Many of the bass builders we work with and not the typical suspects we all know. You may have never had the opportunity to play a bass by most of our luthiers. Hey, most of these cats make 30-50 basses a year for the world, so finding one of their basses at your local music shop is probably NOT going to happen. We are asking you to take a bit of a leap of faith here – a risk free leap at that. When you get one of our basses , please do check it out, make sure it is right for you. Rehearsal, gig, studio, bedroom, play it where it counts for you. The trial period is 3 days – if you are not pleased, send it back in like condition for a refund or exchange minus shipping and any incurred CC or PP fees.

BTW – wherever you buy your basses, in cases where you cannot play the bass before purchase, ALWAYS be sure you can return that bass for a refund – this is not too much to ask.

Come on Over

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