Zakrzewski Basses

Q: Builder name?
A: Piotr Zakrzewski.

Q: Business name?
A: ZakrzewskiBasses.

Q: Age?
A: 39 years old.

Q: Where were you born?
A: Warsaw, Poland.

Q: Where is your shop?
A: Prazmów, Poland.

Q: When did you start building?
A: 2001.

Q: When did you officially go into business?
A: 2007.

Q: How many instruments have you made to date?
A: Between a  100 and 150 – a lot of the prototypes were burned (gaining experience).

Q: How many did you make in 2012?
A: 40.

Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: Bass, since 1989.

Q: Why / when should a player consider a custom bass?
A: When a musician is looking for something unique – both in tone and aesthetics – and/or when he is fully aware of what he is looking for and is able to communicate with the luthier, who’s job is also to fully understand the musician.

Q: What should players know about your basses?
A: All my instruments are always built with the highest quality level possible. Some of the designs are proprietary:

  • the bridge is fully designed by me, and is custom manufactured specifically to my design (aluminum, brass)
  • the aluminum plate o top, that houses the output jack and switches is a upgradeable instrument – should you decide to change the configuration, add a piezo pickup (separate mag/piezo outs) and MIDI capability,  it is very easy to have the plate replaced and have additional outputs and/or switches.

Q: What sets your basses apart from the rest ?
A: A couple of proprietary designs mentioned above. Also a quite unique instrument design, the ergonomics, ease of playing and accessibility, the highest possible, no-copromise sound quality.

Q: What would you like to tell players about yourself or your basses?
A: Everything I do, I do with passion. I don’t recognize any compromise in pursuing my goals. I analyze every idea, design and project hundreds of times. The greatest reward for my effort is the joy in the eyes of a musician playing an instrument I’ve built.

Q: What is your website?