Paul Lairat Basses

Q: Builder Name
A: Paul Lairat.

Q: Business name
A: Paul Lairat.

Q: Age
A: 38 years.

Q: Where you born?
A: In Orange little town in France.

Q: Where is your shop?
A: Courthézon 84350, France

Q: When did you start building?
A: I started to make instruments when I was 16 years in 1991.

Q: When did you officially go into business?
A: I started my own company in 2000.

Q: How many instruments have you made to date?
A: I made for my own brand name 108 guitars and basses.

Q: How many did you make in 2012?
A: 28 instruments.

Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: Yes of course, I play guitar, bass and piano.

Q: Why / when should a player consider a custom bass?
A: What should players know about your basses?  I make only high end guitars and basses because I would like to reach the best sound as possible, the best finishing and the best feeling to play.

Q: What would you like to tell players about yourself or your basses?
A: About myself, I try to get I real relationship with my customer, like friend and get all information as possible from instrument players to improve my fabrication day after day. About my instruments, is a real passion for me to give them a life . they are like baby for me and I hope is the same when a customer take one from me.

Q: What is your website?