Le Fay

Reiner und Meik Reiner of La Fey basses

Q: Builder name?
A: Reiner and Meik Dobbratz.

Q: Business name?
A: Le Fay.

Q: Age?
A: Reiner was born 1961 and Meik was born 1966.

Q: Where were you born?
A: Elmshorn near Hamburg Germany.

Q: Where is your shop?
A: Our workshop is near Hamburg in Schleswig Holstein Germany.

Q: When did you start building?
A: Reiner started in 1977.

Q: When did you officially go into business?
A: 1985.

Q: How many instruments have you made to date?
A: About 1,500.

Q: How many instruments did you make in 2012?
A: Sorry, our secret.

Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: Reiner (bass) and Meik (drums) play in some bands and projects. As a result, they are constantly in and out of rehearsal rooms, the stage and recording studios when not in the workshop. Furthermore, Meik plays drums as “Monsieur Dynamike” in the rock band WELTNIVEAU.

Q: Why / when should a player consider a custom bass?
A: http://www.lefay.de/english/artists.html

Q: What should players know about your basses?
A: http://www.lefay.de/english/typ_tech.html

Q: What sets your basses apart frpom the rest?
A: Nothing and everything.

Q: What would you like to tell players about yourself or your basses?
A: If you are seriously looking for a fantastic instrument that is your friend for a live time, you must test a Le Fay.

Q: What is your website?
A:  www.lefay.de/english/