$10K for a bass guitar ?

Who makes a 5 figure bass ?

Three builders come to mind – I bet you know who these builders are.

Can you name these 3 , or any other such luthiers.


Who spends $10K on a bass ?

Is $10K nuts ? The players who buy these basses must think not.


Why spend $10K on a bass ?

The one reason that works for me is my internal and undeniable reaction to ANY bass that knocks my socks off. I mean one that really bowls me over , as in “ I will not let go of this instrument

In a perfect bass world, each of us would be able to play every bass, determine which is “best”, and then be able to grab said bass . with price not a consideration

It may be $500. $1,500 , $5,000 or more.

Back to reality for a moment. The point of my babbling is this – If you ever find THE one , do what you have to do to grab it , and keep it and play it for life.






Basses can arrive at any time via trade, purchase from players, or new basses from our builders. Keep your eyes on this page so any fretless or fretted, 4, 5, or 6 string bass you have been looking for does not elude you any more.
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I often like to do comparisons between basses in an effort to further fine tune my ears. Might be similar basses from different bass builders, or various designs from a particular bass builders. Sometimes these little “tests” are at the request of a player who wants to know how a couple of basses stack up.
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The memory clears and a custom bass from the past re-appears here, with a little reflection and look back at a memorable piece.
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Le Fay, Marleaux, Zakrzewski, Kinal, Kenneth Lawrence, Jerzy Drozd, Skjold, Glockenklang, Basswitch, Aries, Rybski. Get to know the builders of Luthiers Access Group.
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