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“ TRUST ME “ . Have you ever heard that expression before , perhaps as said by a used car salesman ? I have never been a salesman of any type , so when I ask you to trust me , have no fear. I have been playing bass a long , long time and I have played many , many hi end basses. I have played all of the more common names , and dozens of the lesser knowns as well.
I know quality when I play and hear it , I can recognize a great build as easily as a dud made with exotic cool looking woods. I am not talking about personal taste here – I mean true quality. When I tell you that one of our basses is a good a build as an MTD, Smith , Fodera , et all I mean it. I am not saying you will necessarily like our basses better. The point is that you are assured of top qualitty here at Luthiers Access Group. I am not the kind of person who sells junk. And, of course , I offer a return policy as an assurance that you will NOT end up with a bass that is not right for you. So, trust me , try something different with the risk-free confidence you deserve.
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Basses can arrive at any time via trade, purchase from players, or new basses from our builders. Keep your eyes on this page so any fretless or fretted, 4, 5, or 6 string bass you have been looking for does not elude you any more.
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I often like to do comparisons between basses in an effort to further fine tune my ears. Might be similar basses from different bass builders, or various designs from a particular bass builders. Sometimes these little “tests” are at the request of a player who wants to know how a couple of basses stack up.
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The memory clears and a custom bass from the past re-appears here, with a little reflection and look back at a memorable piece.
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Le Fay, Marleaux, Zakrzewski, Kinal, Kenneth Lawrence, Jerzy Drozd, Skjold, Glockenklang, Basswitch, Aries, Rybski. Get to know the builders of Luthiers Access Group.
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